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Board of Directors

St. Johnland Trustees

David H. Deming, President
Carl H. Doerge, Jr., Vice President
Sharon A. Fuentes, Vice President
Peter L. Fetterolf, Secretary
Michael A. Agnes, Treasurer
William D. Keen, Assistant Treasurer
Mary Jean Weber, Chief Executive Officer and Administrator

Marian Conway
Mary Alice Kolodner
Fredric R. LaMarca
Heather L. Spehr
Brian E. Swiggett
Arlene Q. Vermylen

Advisory Board

Peter C. Kohler, Chairman
Trudy H. Calabrese
Martin R. Cantor
Marilyn F. Cunniff
Emily F. Franchina
Margaret M. Hargraves
Deborah T. Hauser
Frederic B. Ingraham
Susan Jalbert

J. William Johnson
Mary D. Lindsay
Kay Z. Miller
Allison Mitchell
Patricia Petersen
M. Liz Piazza
William S. Robertson
Linda L. Vila
James A. Woods