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St. Johnland Nursing Center is committed to being an important resource to the community.

We invite you to please join us for many exciting upcoming events at St. Johnland.

For more information regarding these events and to participate, please call Cathie Wardell at (631) 269-5800.

New Year’s Eve Gift!

DJ Frankie DiGirolamo

Residents at St. Johnland Nursing Center enjoyed a special New Year’s Eve party with DJ Frankie DiGirolamo. A student at Suffolk Community College and a resident of Commack, DiGirolamo is the son of a nurse at St. Johnland, and his wish to bring a joyful celebration was a gift that was greatly appreciated by the residents, their families and the staff. Thank you Frankie for your kindness!

Veteran’s Day Celebration

St. Johnland Nursing Center honored 25 of its residents who are veterans of World War II and the Korean War at a special luncheon. This followed a short prayer service and formal dedication of the day. One of the residents, Ray McLoughlin, now 95, was in an Army engineering group on Tinian in the Mariana Islands that serviced the B-29 Superfortresses, including the Enola Gay. Another, Margaret Scully, served as a hostess for five years entertaining the servicemen at the USO-sponsored Music Box Canteen in Greenwich Village. St. Johnland’s staff is honored to recognize the valuable contributions of all the veterans, and displayed individual posters that listed their other life accomplishments.

Pictured is World War II Veteran and St. Johnland Resident, William Augello holding a picture of himself during WWII.

Outstanding Scout Projects at St. Johnland Nursing Center

Sydney Surgue, Girl Scout Troop #1273

CJ McKay pictured with one of the garden boxes he built and donated.

Two recent scout projects have been completed to benefit the residents at St. Johnland Nursing Center in Kings Park.

CJ McKay, a member of Boy Scout Troop #74 (Coram, NY), chose to complete his Eagle Scout Project at St. Johnland Nursing Center. The project must be completed to achieve the rank of Life Scout. Mr. McKay chose to build wheelchair accessible cedar gardening boxes for residents and Day Care participants at St. Johnland. Mr. McKay had to gain approval from his Scout Master Committee Chair and the Council Supervisor of the Long Island Boy Scout Council. After approval, he had to seek donations and publicize his work. Mr. McKay received donations from many local businesses to complete his project. From start to installation, Mr. McKay finished building 6 cedar gardening boxes in 4 months.

Mr. McKay is a senior at Newfield High School. He has been actively involved in Boy Scouts for over 12 years. He hopes to attend Stony Brook University next year, majoring in Engineering

Sydney Surgue, a member of Girl Scout Troop #1273 (Suffolk County), chose St. Johnland Nursing Center as the focus of her Girl Scout Silver Award Project. The Silver Award Project demonstrates leadership, organization and dedication to the local community and must be completed for a Girl Scout Cadette to advance to a Senior Girl Scout. Ms. Sugrue chose to plant a beautiful garden for the Alzheimer’s residents in the Kipp Pavillion at St. Johnland. As with the Eagle Scout Project, Ms. Sugrue had to gain approval from the Long Island Girl Scout Council before beginning, seek donations and publicize her project. She also received donations from many local businesses and held book sales at her church to raise funds to complete her work.

Ms. Sugrue is a freshman at Kings Park High School. She participates in cheerleading and plays on the high school softball team. She has been actively involved in Girl Scouts for over 10 years.

Karen Vittoria, Director of Rehabilitation at St. Johnland, states “The beautiful horticultural projects that were recently completed provide physical and psychosocial benefits to our residents. They will help maintain the array of plants and flowers while incorporating functional tasks such as endurance, safety awareness, balancing abilities and environmental awareness as they care for the gardens.”

Morrison Community Living to host Farmers Market at St. Johnland

Morrison Community Living is proud to announce a Farmer’s Market on Tuesday September 29, 2015, from 11:00AM to 4:00PM located in the Center Courtyard at St. Johnland Nursing Center. Supported by local Long Island farms and local sustainable produce venues, a farmer’s market has been planned to enhance the health and well-being of residents, family, staff, and visitors.

Our goal is to:

  • serve fresh, wholesome, seasonal food while supporting our local community and building relationships with our local farmers.
  • Items are identified as local if they are from sources that are no more than 150 miles from the location in which it is served.
  • This is the height of the season for local, affordable produce.

Morrison’s food philosophy is a commitment to quality that encompasses simplicity, style and passion. This is created by an insistence on fresh quality ingredients, authentic preparations and simple styling that complements but does not overwhelm. The food is presented in its most natural state, fresh and abundant. Dishes are prepared from wholesome ingredients offering our residents varied flavors with healthy options and seasonal choices.

St. Johnland Gala Honors Huntington Hospital Director

St. Johnland Nursing Center held its annual Gala at the Harbor Club in Huntington and honored Gerard X. Brogan, M.D., Executive Director of Huntington Hospital. The hospital is celebrating 100 years in the community and next year St. Johnland will celebrate its 150th anniversary serving the elderly and infirm, those with traumatic brain injuries and Alzheimer’s disease and those with other rehabilitation needs. The event was chaired by Kate Cronin (right), who joins Dr. Brogan and St. Johnland Trustee Gina Jacobsen.

Local Girl Scout Completes Gold Award Project at St. Johnland

Gabriela Prieto, a member of Girl Scout Troop #1989 (Commack), chose St. Johnland Nursing Center as the focus of her Girl Scout Gold Award Project. The Gold Award is the highest achievement in Girl Scouting and often involves over one year of planning. Ms. Prieto first had to identify a project and get the approval from the Long Island Girl Scout Council. After approval, she had to seek donations, and publicize her project before the physical work could even begin.

Ms. Prieto chose to plant a beautiful garden in the Head Injury Rehabilitation Unit courtyard at St. Johnland. Her grandfather, Antonio Nunes, was a patient at St. Johnland and she remembers spending time with him outside and his love of gardening. She chose to create a raised bed herb garden so patients, like her grandfather, can receive sensory therapy in an outdoor setting. The garden will be dedicated in memory of Mr. Nunes when it is finished.

Karen Vittoria, Director of Rehabilitation states “The beautiful horticultural project that was recently completed provides physical and psychosocial benefits to our Head Injury patients. They will help maintain the array of plants and flowers while incorporating functional tasks such as environmental awareness, endurance, safety awareness and standing abilities.”

Ms. Prieto will be a senior at Commack High School in the fall. She plans on attending college as a business major with a pre-law school track. She plays on the high school soccer team and has been actively involved in Girl Scouts for over 11 years.

Ms. Prieto is pictured above on the far right, with her cousin, grandmother, and mother.

Volunteers Build Garden Boxes for St. Johnland Residents

Visiting student volunteers from the Discovery Church in Kings Park helped the staff at St. Johnland Nursing Center assemble outdoor raised gardening boxes. The wheelchair accessible boxes will allow the enthusiastic group of residents to plant and maintain the flowers and vegetables. Many thanks to the volunteers!

St. Johnland, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Symposium

ST. JOHNLAND NURSING CENTER, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, North Shore LIJ and U. S. Trust Company co-sponsored their twelfth annual symposium at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. The program, “Seeking Out Cancer: From Early Detection to Treatment” was presented by Professor Michael Wigler, renowned geneticist at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

(l-r) Dr. Michael Wigler; Sydney Gary, Director of Research Programs; Dill Ayres, COO, CSH Laboratory; Claudine Welty, US Trust; Trudy Calabrese, President, St. Johnland Nursing Center Board of Trustees; Mary Jean Weber, CEO & Administrator, St. Johnland Nursing Center; Bryan Amico, US Trust; Dagnia Zeidlickis, VP Public Affairs, CSH Laboratory.


Hockey Hall of Famer Pat LaFontaine is serious about bringing increased awareness to the issue of traumatic brain injuries, in particular those that are sports-related. He has spoken publicly about his own experience. Traumatic brain injuries – and how to avoid them – have been in the news constantly for the past several years, notably since some high profile athletes have drawn attention to the consequences. Slowly, professional sports leagues and teams are taking steps to prevent these injuries, and that action trickles down to high school team coaches. Especially dangerous are repeat concussions where athletes are sent back to play too soon after an initial injury and are reinjured. 2

LaFontaine will be the honoree at St. Johnland Nursing Center’s Gala Benefit in September, again focusing on raising awareness. On a recent visit to the Nursing Center’s Head Injury Rehabilitation Unit, he had a chance to meet some young patients who are recovering from serious accidents. Alex was involved in a motor vehicle accident in early 2013 and came to St. Johnland after being in two other rehab facilities. On this day – and with the help of physical therapists and the encouragement of LaFontaine – this patient walked 25’ having not walked at all in eight months of rehab. “Magical medicine,” one of the therapists said, astounded at what Alex had just accomplished. Brandon suffered a traumatic brain injury after a skateboard accident and has been at St. Johnland since last August. Just learning to speak again, he was able to have a short conversation with the hockey legend. Both patients happen to be huge hockey fans and were deeply inspired to continue their recovery knowing what LaFontaine has gone through personally. A number of other fans in the Nursing Center were there to meet him as well.

St. Johnland has sponsored three presentations to local audiences about the dangers of sports-related head injuries in the last few years. Their rehab facility is one of only five NYS certified units in the State and the only one on Long Island and has been open since 1995.

LaFontaine’s own charity, Companions in Courage Foundation, builds interactive play rooms in children’s hospitals across the country and in Canada – using technology to speed the healing. LaFontaine along with Three Monkey’s A recently-announced wine named Pinot Line, is carried at many local high-end restaurants and clubs and at Southdown Liquors, and 100% of the proceeds from sales will be donated to the Foundation. Playing for the New York Islanders, the Buffalo Sabres and New York Rangers over a career of 15 years, LaFontaine had a total of 468 goals. His ultimate goal off the ice is to see “head” hospitals built to serve the special needs of patients the same way that “heart” hospitals do.

The St. Johnland Gala will be on Friday, September 12th at The Harbor Club at Prime. For more information, please call 631-663-2457.

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St. Johnland Artists

Ten residents from St. Johnland Nursing Center participated in the Alzheimer’s Disease Resource Center’s Annual Art Expression Program Tea & Art Exhibit.

The exhibit showcases the remarkable and creative efforts of the residents of 27 facilities located on Long Island who are suffering from Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. These artists created the artwork between September 2013 and March 2014 as part of ADRC’s Art Expression Program, where ADRC staff members worked with the staff members and residents at the different facilities to bring their creative thoughts to life. The artwork was then brought to ADRC in Bay Shore, where it is on display with a biography and photo of each artist.

The paintings will are on display and available for sale, with all proceeds benefiting ADRC’s Art Expression Program.